Ten Necessary Tips for Meal Planning Success

Read these ten necessary tips for meal planning success. By following these easy tips, you will be one step ahead in planning meals for the family. So, let’s get started.

Meal Recipe Search

Take time each week, or month, to search for the recipes you would like to cook. If your family is like most, then they will enjoy a variety of meals.

Save Recipes in One Place

Place the recipes you will be using into a binder, index card holder, or other easy to use location. Use what works finest for you and your family.

Make Notes on Recipes

As you try new recipes, make notes on the recipe card or on the printed recipe. This will help you to recall what the family really liked, or even adjustments you desire to make in the future.


Use Family Suggestions

If you are feeling stuck in what types of recipes to search for, ask the family for their ideas. Make the recipe search a family activity. It may surprise you what they want to try.

Print Meal Planning Calendar

Print out a blank meal planning calendar. Then, use pencil to add which meals you plan to make for each date. You can also use small post it notes with recipe names. Then, if a change is desired, switch the post it notes to a new day.

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Get Creative with Themes

Some families like to plan meals with a theme. Each day of the week can be centered around one theme. For example, Mondays will include soup and sandwich recipes. Tuesday will include vegetarian meals. Wednesday will include crockpot meals. Continue the process for each day of the week. Use the method of meal planning which works best for you.

Create Your Shopping List

Create a shopping list for the meals you are planning for the week. If you are really systematized, you can plan to pick up needed items for two weeks at a time.

Study Grocery Ads

Take a few minutes after creating your shopping list and study the grocery ads. Highlight the items you found on sale that you need. If you are shopping Wal-Mart, most locations will do an ad match.

Choose Your Shopping Day

Choose a day and time to do your shopping. Try to go during the least busy times. And, go after you have eaten a light meal. Going to the store with an empty, growling stomach creates temptation to buy items not really needed.


Have A Prep Day

If you have time and energy, prep any foods ahead you can. This will make it easier through the week to cook your meals. For example, if you need to cut veggies for use during the week, then consider cutting them ahead of time.

Use Meal Planning Tips Regularly

Meal planning is a prodigious way to save time, especially for busy moms. Planning ahead can also save you money on the grocery bill. Use these ten necessary tips for meal planning success. Search recipes, save them, make notes when using them, and include the family. Create your calendar and shopping list. Check out the grocery ads and head out for your shopping day. Prepare any food items you can beforehand. These steps will help you be more organized with meal planning.

Do you have meal planning tips you would like to share? I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below!


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Ten Necessary Tips for Meal Planning

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