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Ten Ways To Declutter The Home


How does it feel when you enter your home after work, and the first thing you see is that there is so much clutter? Allow these ten ways to declutter home and office to help you!

When clutter controls our lives, it feels like the day is so heavy and frustrating. Normally, decluttering your home will take longer than regular cleaning.

Time may not be an issue, though. The joy is during the process of decluttering. First, you give away things you don’t need. Next, you rearrange things in the home. As a result, you find things that you have been looking for an extended time.

The challenge of decluttering is what things to keep and things to throw or give away.

Now, are you ready for the declutter home challenge?


Dream how you want your home to be


Before doing decluttering of a home, picture what you want each room to look like. You can do it by closing your eyes. Then, see for yourself the room you have been dreaming of.

Take time to dream about it. What does your room look like? Where are your things? And how do you feel about this room afterwards?


Live a minimalist lifestyle


Avoid bringing new things into the house until the decluttering is done – completely. In most cases, you have yet enough to deal with.

Patience is a virtue. Learn the joy of learning this virtue when your decluttering is completely done. After the job is done, you see that you “have enough stuff.” Lastly, you may discover that there are necessary things you need to have.


Create a sorting system


As you go around the room, you will find most of the clutter is little things. You need at least five baskets or bins in each room you have to declutter.

Place these bins or baskets in the room you are working on before decluttering the room. You will need to have bins or baskets for these categories:


  • Throw Away – for stuff you and your house do not need.
  • Lost & Found – for items that are placed (accidentally?) somewhere in the room. Later, you can return the stuff to its proper places.
  • For repair/mend – for stuff that needs repair or mending like a pair of shoes that you still love to wear.
  • Recycle – for stuff that can be recycled like plastics, papers, or glasses.
  • Donate – for things you want to give to charitable groups or individuals.


This is a great way to declutter the home. And do not forget to label each container or basket.


Making each room a better place


Sort and fill the bins or baskets that you have prepared. Trash, sell and donate things that you do not need. Focus on what is left and store them in their rightful places.



Declutter home – small items that feel huge


Check for the items that are overstock. These are things that you rarely use.

Next, think about items you keep on buying because you just “want them.”  Sort, throw away, sell, and donate. Focus on what is left.

George Becker

Clear the Flat Surfaces


Our shelves, countertops, and other places with flat surfaces are clutter magnets. Your bills, magazines, mail envelopes, and tiny appliances are just some of the things which gather. They also consume flat surfaces at home. In addition, when you look at them, you know that they are not the best location.

Decide to only store items that are frequently used. Next, only have essential small appliances and items on kitchen countertops.

What about the rest of the stuff? Put them away, trash or donate.


Keeping things together


Classify items as you go through them. This is a better way to declutter and organize the home.

Keep similar things together. This will make life easier and simpler. Store similar items close to where you will use them.


Reprocess, reuse or sell


Items like aluminium cans and water bottles can be reprocessed or recycled. Look for the appropriate symbols at the bottom of these containers. Call your local processing center if needed. Check if they are accepting glasses and papers.

Televisions, mobile phones, computer monitors, and other electronics can still be reprocessed or salvaged. Just call your service provider to ask for details. Or, you can contact friends to meet together for an “exchanging stuff” party.


Design DIY Baskets and Bins


You can put many items in beautiful baskets and bins. Just add decorative features to ottomans and containers. These are for items you really need and don’t want to part with.

Use hooks to hang your fancy jewellery, keys, and headphones. Door hooks are great for light tote bags and backpacks.


Maintaining order and beauty at home


Maintaining the order and beauty of your home can be very challenging. Always have baskets next to hotspots for messy buildup. Make it is easy for you to collect them.

You can establish a better system of collecting, sorting and placing them. Put them in their proper places before they occupy the entire place again.

Live a simple life to reduce clutter, if not totally eliminate them!


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