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Ten Quick Easy Ways to Get Organized


Use these ten quick, easy ways to get organized this week. Life as a busy mom can be so crazy and using organization tips can help make it a little easier along the way.

Get Organized – Assign a Place for Everything


Assigning a place for everything will help you stay organized. Next, create a method of putting everything in its place. Choose a place for shoes, coats, incoming papers, monthly bills, and so forth.

Not sure where to even start? Start with where you are needing organization the most. This could be taming the paper monster that has taken residence in your home. Or, it could be keeping the main living space organized. Especially relevant, choose one location and start moving forward in getting (and staying) organized.

Get Organized – Place Items Strategically


If you often forget to take your multivitamins every day, consider placing them strategically. When you drink a small glass of juice every morning, consider placing your vitamins nearby where you are more likely not to forget. This can be done with different household items. The key is placing them where it works best for you.

Get Organized – Living Room Basket


Do you often have missing remotes in the living room? Place a small basket on the living room table. Then, train the children to place the remotes back in the basket when they are done. As a result, you can also use this same quick, easy way to get organized for other items.

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Get Organized – Small Wastebaskets


Next, add small wastebaskets in each general area of the home. For us personally, we use a kitchen size wastebasket in the bathroom. The size works best for us, and it may work best for you as well. Furthermore, choose the locations and sizes which work well for your family.

Get Organized – Tidy up the Bathroom


Tidy up the bathroom by keeping a small broom, dustpan, and regularly used cleaning supplies in the same room. Next time you are in the bathroom and notice the hair on the floor, do a quick sweep without having to leave the room. Hence, this quick, easy way to get organized can save you time.

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Get Organized – Move CDs to Storage Albums


In addition, move CDs to storage albums to save space. Therefore, toss the CD covers or place them in a box for the garage. This quick, easy way to get organized will cut dusting time and saves space.

Get Organized – Post Cleaning Routines


Post cleaning routines in a place you can view regularly. This is a great way to be reminded of simple cleaning tasks to be done daily or weekly. Finally, you can place the cleaning routines on the fridge, bulletin board, or where ever works best for you.


Get Organized – Bed Sheet Location


Next, placing the bed sheets near the bedrooms is a great way to quickly and easily change the sheets when needed. For example, use under the bed tubs in each bedroom to store bed sheets. Or, use a linen closet near the bedrooms. Consequently, the idea is to have quick access which will save you time.

Get Organized – Place Cereal Bowls Lower


Do you have children which usually eat cereal for breakfast? If they are old enough, place the cereal bowls lower for them. If they can fix their own cereal in the mornings, this will free you up to do a few other things.

Get Organized – Sorting Dirty Clothes


Next, use a sorted clothes hamper to presort clothes as they are thrown in the hamper. This time saving tip can also provide a way for children to help. They can place dark clothes on one side of the divided hamper, and place light clothes on the other side.

Use Ten Quick Easy Ways to Get Organized


Consequently, using these ten quick, easy ways to get organized will help you save time. With every item in its place, your home will begin to stay organized. Because you place items strategically, use baskets, post cleaning routines, quickly sort clothing before washing and simplify storage. In conclusion, by taking simple steps, you can live the organized life!

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10 Quick Easy Ways Get Organized

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