Low-Calorie Food Snacks for Between Meals


Do you believe you can still have snacks even if you’re on a diet? I hope so because it’s absolutely true! Check out this list of low-calorie food snacks!

Going on a strict diet does not mean you should be starving. Don’t deprive yourself. Munch on these low-calorie foods in between meals to avoid the temptation to cheat.


Here are some low-calorie food snacks with only 100 calories or less:


1. Microwave Popcorn (6 cups) – 100 cal

2. Large Marshmallows (4 pcs) – 90 cal

3. Cottage Cheese (1/4 cup) – 50 cal

4. Mini Quesadilla (2 pcs) – 100 cal

5. Frozen Yogurt (1/4 cup) – 50 cal

6. Watermelon (medium) – 50 cal

7. Cream Cheese (1 tbsp) – 50 cal

8. Peanut Butter (1 tbsp) – 95 cal

9. Hard-boiled Egg (1 pc) – 78 cal

10. Pretzel Sticks (6 pcs) – 100 cal

11. Tomato Soup (1 cup) – 74 cal

12. Frozen Banana (1 pc) – 95 cal

13. Fried Bacon (2 slices) – 70 cal

14. Jelly Beans (25 pcs) – 100 cal

15. Plain Yogurt (1 cup) – 90 cal

16. Almonds (14 pcs) – 100 cal

17. Oatmeal (1/2 cup) – 75 cal

18. Cherries (25 pcs) – 100 cal

19. Kale Chips (1 cup) – 80 cal

20. Pringles (10 pcs) – 100 cal

21. Plain bagel (1 pc) – 75 cal

22. Grapes (1 cup) – 62 cal

23. Berries (1 cup) – 64 cal

24. Apple (1 pc) – 100 cal

25. Melon (1 pc) – 88 cal

26. Kiwis (2 pcs) – 58 cal


These low-calorie foods snacks are really delicious. Lastly, they won’t ruin your diet! Start eating these healthy and low-calorie snacks today!


Why Are Healthy Snacks Important?


Live Strong reminds us that eating healthy snacks are important. Eating snacks half way between meal times maintain energy levels. Including a variety of options also maintains appetite control. Next, it helps with maintaining concentration on tasks at hand.

Low-calorie foods include fruits, veggies, popcorn,  and low-fat dairy foods. Popcorn is another great choice for snacking. And, it is from the whole grain family. Beans and nuts are also healthy options. Eating too many nuts in one setting can increase calories. So, be careful with quantity.


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What options do you enjoy during the day?


What other low-calorie snacks do you enjoy during the day? We would love to hear your suggestions! Please leave your comments below for the community!


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