Five Easy Steps to Get Organized


Do you need easy steps to get organized?

Getting organized, be it at home, office, or for ourselves, is a process. And when we have successfully attained our decluttering goals, we shall reap great benefits from it. But there are no shortcuts. It is a process, not a magic.


And so you have clutter. No matter how you tried in the past to get rid of the clutter but it seems it is not working. Simply storing the stuff in boxes with labels are just ways of putting the problem in a closet. It is not decluttering. It is accumulating more clutter. And that is not good.


Boost Energy & Remove Stress


A decluttered and clean room and office make us feel good. It boosts our energy and reduces our stress level. Personally, it gives us more time to do what is more important to us. It also sets a good example for our children. More benefits come to you from getting organized.

Take These Five Easy Steps:


Check what you have


To start with, check the stuff that you have. Quickly assess them if you intend to use them or have you ever used them.  Are they functionally working for you? Next, how often do you use them? And, how many do you have? Will you be able to get them again without keeping them?

Make boxes solidly labeled with the following categories:

  • Throw away
  • donate
  • give away
  • keep
  • sell
  • recycle.

You define each of these categories according to how you want them determined. It’s your call.


Sort Items


After classifying your items, fill in the boxes according to its labels. Next, there may be times when you change one item to another box.

Remember that your goal is to organize and tidy up the cluttered places. As a result, avoid procrastination. Do it today. Tomorrow has another challenge to give you.


Artem Bali

Store and keep an inventory


After sorting all of your stuff, donate, sell, throw away, and give away. Then, focus on what’s left. Place them orderly into their proper places for easy access.  The key to this third step is gaining order in your life.



Create & keep an inventory


Create and keep an inventory. This way, you avoid buying duplicate items. Buying the same things will accumulate. In due time, there is a need to go through the task of decluttering, sorting, and storing. Getting organized is not a cycle. It is a process.


Maintain and sustain


What is the best way to maintain a decluttered and tidy home? Create effective habits to sustain the difficult task that you have accomplished. For example, you can take ten minutes to put away empty sachets or shampoo containers.

Regular practice makes it perfect. Aristotle has something for this: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellent, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Now, maintain orders & systems


I always end up recommending to maintain order and system. We cannot go through the same difficulty of decluttering, sorting, classifying, organizing zones, and putting stuff in their right places for easy reach.

In life, we experience “clutter” in making decisions, setting up goals, and more. The same process applies in maintaining order. We empty our mind of the clutter by making and sorting them. How we sort things in our life is our call!


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