Creating A Daily Routine To Stay Organized


Creating a daily routine to stay organized involves consistency, clarity of purpose, and self-preservation. Routine is never a boredom but can be transformed into a healthy lifestyle.


Aside from keeping our homes cluttered-free and tidy, it also gives us clear mind and vision. We become on top of things, rather than controlled by messy things and disorderly mind. And when do stay organized, we will realize the big change in our lifestyle.


Here are some helpful tips on to establish a better routine every day to stay organized:


Create “to-do” list


This list may not help you literally organize your kitchen utensils into its places, but it will be a great help to take your time to make a list of what you need to do. Writing slows you down and helps you organize your thoughts. Then, go back to that list, cross out what you have accomplished. It is a big busy world. The list will help you see through the day.


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Return everything to its proper place


This is one of the best ways to stay organized in your home and office. Next, anything else that needs to be placed in its rightful place. This applies, no matter how big or small the stuff is. Make this huge “effort” of returning things in their proper place, and you will realize later that it’s worth it. Feels great!



Make your daily life simple


Life is not a race or a contest. I agree with “simplicity is the beauty.” Just buy what you need, not what you want to be “in” with your friends. Get things that are only necessary in life.

If you read a sale promotion, ask yourself if you really need these items. Or, without the expensive stuff, will you still be comfortable? When we buy impulsively, there is a tendency that it will accumulate at home and in due time, they will occupy space. Then we start suffocating from all the things. And we realize, we need to declutter and organize – again. Be ruthless to dispose of things you do not need.

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Make healthy habits become productive routines


Habits are our actions that we repeatedly do, while routines are our regular way of doing things in a specific order. Habits are recurrent and automatic, while routines need a higher level of purpose and effort.


To stay organized, you can make your bed every day. You can do one load of laundry daily.  Plan your meals each day.  Clean up the kitchen after meals. Tidy up the living room before going to bed every night.

If there is anything that you can do, do it right away. Stephen Covey suggests, “Learn the habit, manage the outcome.


Follow Through Daily


Staying organized is following through but not aiming for perfection. A reason why you may feel you are struggling in staying organized is that you spend so much on a single task. And later, you will realize there is no more time for the other tasks you have to do for the day.

Give enough time to do more. Setting deadlines will help you manage your time. And you feel you are top of things, rather than being controlled by them.


Assess Daily Habits & Systems


Continue assessing your daily habits and systems. Remove those that are not necessary and not important. Find faster methods to accomplish your daily tasks. By doing so, you will realize that there is so much that you can do in a single day. Later, you will realize that staying organized is a continuing process giving you a more meaningful and productive life.


Daily routine is an important part of life! Stay organized and enjoy your boundless freedom!


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